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What's in a healthy lunchbox?

Harvest Cheweee bars can be eaten as a healthier alternative to chocolate, when part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

It is important that the lunchbox your child takes to school provides the same healthy balanced lunch they’d eat at home.

While guidelines vary from school to school, there are some general points you can follow to help your packed lunches get the green light. Take a look at our quick guide below.

1. Protein for healthy development and to keep them alert. Why not use left-over roast meats for sandwiches?

2. Carbohydrates like bread and pasta for slow-release energy. Wholemeal bread is higher in fibre and provides a more steady release of energy to keep them going.

Won't eat wholemeal? Introduce wholemeal gradually by making sandwiches with one side wholemeal and one white - it looks fun too!

3. Fruit and veg for essential vitamins and minerals. Kids should be eating 5 portions a day by the age of 5. Remember, fresh, frozen, tinned, dried and juiced fruit and veg all count towards our daily portions.

4. Calcium for growth, healthy bones and teeth. Yoghurt or fromage frais is ideal.

5. A drink for hydration and concentration. Go for water, milk or unsweetened fruit juice (which can count as 1 of their 5-a-day).

Cheweee idea! Try making your own milkshakes and smoothies by blending soft fruit such as banana, strawberries or mango, with milk or yoghurt - it's a good way to get some fruit into them!

Watch out for salt, fat and sugar If you're buying foods, you can find out how much salt, fat and sugar they contain by looking at the label.