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Help them love their lunchbox

It's not always easy to think up healthy, fun ways of packing your kids' lunchbox. So here are some handy tips and ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Make it look good!

People eat with their eyes. And kids are definitely no exception! Make the packaging look pretty in packed lunches - try putting their favourite stickers onto colourful Tupperware.

It's easy to get sick of squares and tired of triangles every day. Try cutting their sandwiches with shaped cookie cutters for a change!

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Well packed lunches

Avoid the squish! Keep fresh fruit in fruit holders or Tupperware boxes to keep it fresh and clean and stop sandwiches and other foods from smelling of the banana you've packed!

Stay cool! Some schools let children keep their packed lunches in a fridge at school, which is ideal. If this isn't possible, you could use freezer blocks or gel packs to keep the food cool and safe.

Yummeee snacks

Children use up lots of energy at school so morning snack break is a good time to top up their energy levels with foods which release energy slowly and help keep them going.

Homemade popcorn is cheap and easy to make, low in fat and high in fibre. You can even season with cinnamon instead of salt or sugar.

Dried fruit and seeds are a great source of calcium, and cereal bars are good for fibre and fruit and are lower in fat than cake and chocolate.